The Maestro’s programme offers its athletes a range of programs targeting the athlete’s physical development as well as their personal growth and self-management. These Maestro’s are given access to a world-class training and assessment centre, in the form of the Sports Science Institute and its service providers. The athlete’s performance on all levels is monitored throughout the year, producing a quarterly Performance Assessment Report for the Programme Co-ordinator to discuss with the Board and the individual athletes.

The High Performance Lab of the Sports Science Institute is responsible for physiological intervention. The athletes will have access to the following facilities and services offered by the Sports Science Institute:

  • Full Medical assessment
  • Fitness evaluation
  • Training program prescription
  • Dietary assessment
  • Visual assessment and training of visual skills
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Membership of the Fitness Centre
  • Injury rehabilitation services

The athletes also benefit from a series of Group Seminars and Individual Mentoring sessions aimed at teaching the athlete valuable Life Skills. An experienced Sports Psychologist is responsible for these life-skills modules, covering the following topics:

  • Communication skills
  • time management skills
  • team-work
  • motivation
  • power abuse
  • reconciliation
  • family values
  • self-control
  • balanced life
  • stress management skills
  • perceptions
  • goal setting
  • conflict resolution
  • alcohol and drug abuse
  • authority structures
  • sexuality
  • belief systems

At the discretion of the Board, the following additional assistance could be provided for athletes on the programme:

  • education and career counseling
  • international exchange
  • school placement