Choosing a career can prove to be daunting task, especially for an athlete. If we all knew what the right career would be for ourselves then life would fall right into place. However, life is not that easy and neither is choosing a career. Often the fear of the unknown rears its head and anything from fear to lack of awareness can cause a road block on the path of choosing a career. The more you know about choosing a career, the more prepared you'll be when faced with the process.

In order to plan your career for life, you need to formally set precise goals and anticipate the intermediary stages that will lead you to career termination (be proactive). Therefore, you have to develop strategies allowing you to make your plans work. Typically, there are three ways to develop your career for life after your career as an athlete:

1) While still being a top athlete, you manage to work and to achieve academic or professional goals outside your own sport.

2) While still being a top athlete, you start getting practically involved within a working function in the club or federation of your own sport.

3) After your sports career ends, you begin a new profession.

A growing number of investigations clearly show that choosing to prepare your career while being an athlete minimizes the dif­ficulties that you will experience when the time comes to terminate your sports career. In addition, because it contributes to creating clarity and to diminishing self-induced pressure - due to the perceived obligation to win and earn money for the future - career planning can provide you with enhanced energy and self-assurance while facing the obstacles on the way towards your ultimate sporting goal. Therefore, if you are in an environment where athletes believe that thinking about a career after sport is bad for concentration and dedication, because they speculate, it will harm top level performances in your sport.

We aim to assist athletes by bridging this gap by encouraging them to follow duel careers and empower them with exposure to our short courses.